Irish Citylink becomes Official Transport Partner to Galway Camogie 

Irish Citylink has become Galway Camogie’s Official Transport Partner for the 2022 season.

This agreement means that Irish Citylink will be the transport provider for the Senior Camogie team with plans to extend to other teams in the new year. There will be no more waiting around for any old bus to get to the game as Irish Citylink will have a Galway-themed coach to whisk the girls off in style to matches.  

“At the end of the day, Irish Citylink doesn’t just drive buses. We drive people. And people are where the heart and soul of the community lies. When we as a company realized that it was really the people and community that we are all about, we thought Galway Camogie was just the perfect fit,”

David Conway, Regional Director at Irish Citylink.

“To support Galway Camogie is to support women’s place within the sporting industry and the added value these teams bring to our communities. Citylink wants to help highlight these fantastic players to not only give them the recognition they deserve but to help work towards inspiring future generations too. ”

said Frances Cahill, Citylink’s General Manager.