5 Must-See Viewpoints in Ireland

Nothing can make a trip more perfect than a beautiful viewpoint. Luckily for tourists in Ireland, many scenic points across the country offer some of the most iconic Irish landscape views and world-renowned ocean panorama. We provide transport to towns and cities across Ireland at Irish Citylink and take passengers to some of the most superb Irish locations. We think we should point out a few of these places that we’d recommend! (This list reflects our team’s favourite viewpoints across our routes)

  1. Claddagh Viewpoint, Galway:

The Claddagh is a favourite spot in Galway. It’s the perfect place during the summer to sit with friends in the sun and enjoy the sights and sounds of Galway City. In addition, the Claddagh is a great place to get a view of the Spanish Arch, see out to the Atlantic, or walk out towards Salthill. It is a breathtaking viewpoint in Galway.

2. Diamond Hill, Letterfrack:

Out in Connemara, this trek offers some of Ireland’s most unique and stunning lookout points. It gives you a beautiful landscape to admire. Situated near the quaint village of Letterfrack, Diamond Hill is the second most popular walking trail after Crough Patrick. With many loops and off-trails, you’re immersed in nature and get some pretty spectacular views.

3. King Johns Castle, Limerick: 

A really cool 13th Century castle on the banks of the Shannon in Limerick. Taking a tour around this structure will be excellent for getting amazing views of the Treaty City. The castle itself is a fascinating historic site, showing Ireland’s history with the Normans. If you get the chance to enter the site and get a bit higher, you may get a better glimpse of the city, which is really something unique.

4. Heartbreak Pier, Cobh:

Based in the small seaside town of Cobh in Cork, the Heartbreak Pier is an iconic symbol of Irish immigration. This pier is where hundreds, if not thousands, of Irish People left Ireland for a better life. Cobh is a beautiful coastal town that rises up to St. Colman’s Cathedral, which gives an awesome panoramic view of Coastal Cork.

5. Howth Head, Dublin:

Dublin has a few hidden points around the county that offer spectacular viewpoints, Howth being one of them. A stroll up Howth Head (don’t worry, it’s suitable for all fitness levels!) offers breathtaking coastline views. Don’t forget to stop in the village for some tasty seafood afterward!

Can you think of any other cool places we should check out? Let us know!

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