Save up to 52% on Citylink’s Galway to Dublin City Commuter Service

Do you commute to work? We here at Citylink understand the expense incurred in doing so. If you regularly use our commuter service to work, then you may like to consider purchasing a Taxsaver ticket. Our Taxsaver tickets help reduce the cost for workers using public transport.

What is a Taxsaver ticket? 

A Taxsaver ticket with Citylink can be purchased for a period of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Our annual Taxsaver ticket is the best value on this route. We offer Taxsaver tickets to ensure our customers get the best possible value for money spent on commuting by saving up to 52% in tax, PRSI and universal social charges (USC). It also helps to encourage workers to avail of public transport to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

How to approach getting a Taxsaver ticket (employee):

Taxsaver tickets are purchased on your behalf by your employer and tax deductions are generally made via a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer. An example of the cost of our 3 month Taxsaver ticket is presented below: e.g. for a three month Taxsaver ticket for Athlone IT to Dublin Heuston Station costs €864. Prices on the fare table are full price before any tax deductions have been made.

3 month edit
Citylink 3 Month Taxsaver Ticket Prices

You can talk to your employer about participating in the scheme and your employer will then apply for your ticket.

Why purchase a Taxsaver ticket with Citylink (employee)?

  • Large savings in comparison to driving.
  • Save up to 52% on tax, PRSI and USC.
  • Our annual Taxsaver ticket is the best value on this route.
  • We offer free WiFi on all our services so you can get started on your day while on the way to work.
  • We issue Taxsaver tickets at any stage throughout the year.

Why purchase a Taxsaver ticket with Citylink (employer)?

  1. Keep your employees happy by saving them money.
  2. Free up parking spaces.
  3. Your company will save 10.75% on employer PRSI when making this deduction from salary payments.

How to purchase a Taxsaver ticket (employer): 

  1. Go to our website and fill out our Taxsaver form for each employee you wish to purchase a Taxsaver ticket for.
  2. Provide the full passenger name for each ticket required.
  3. Tickets will be sent to the address provided.