All You Need to Know About Galway Coach Station

One of the most common questions posed to Citylink staff on a daily basis is ‘Where do your Citylink services depart from.’ Our answer often if not always includes the words ‘big glass building’.

Galway Coach Station, or Séan Duggan Centre as it is often referred to, is a short two minute walk from our Citylink Office on 17 Forster Street, this can be decreased to a brisk one minute jog depending on how close to departure time you call into us.

We have fun-sized maps in our office directing you to the Galway Coach Station from our office which you can also see below:


General Information:

-The coach station is located at Fairgreen Road, Galway City.

-It has a capacity of 168 parking spaces.

-The entrance & exit hours are 24/7.

-The max vehicle height is 2 meters.

-Special discounted max daily parking rate for bus passengers: €12

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O’Hehirs Cafe

There is a cafe located just to the right upon entering Galway Coach Station serving tea/coffee, hot food and a range of sweet treats. There are numerous options available to ensure you are not travelling with Citylink on an empty stomach. Just remember, we do not allow hot food on board any of our services. However, we do allow hot drinks that have a secure lid. See our ‘On board Comfort’ section of our website for more information.

Departures Board.

There is a departures board located overhead beside the cafe outlining the various times of our services operating from Galway Coach Station. Here, you can find your booked Citylink departure time/gate & its destination as well as the current time.

Included on the departures board:

  • Gate
  • Destination/Origin
  • Time
  • Overall schedule of all services

ATM Machines & Luggage Scale

There are two ATM’s located to the left of the entrance. This will ensure you have enough cash to purchase your ticket off the driver before embarking on your journey with Citylink.

A luggage scale is also located inside the door ensuring your luggage meets the Citylink weight restrictions before boarding the coach. It costs €1.00 to weigh your luggage. See the ‘Luggage Allowance’ section on our website for more information.

Self-Service Luggage Storage

There is a self service luggage storage area in Galway Coach Station ensuring you do not have to worry about carrying your bags around Galway City before your service departs.

It costs €5.00 to leave your luggage in the locker for 12 hours.

Weight restrictions are as follows:

  • Lockers 1-6 (40 x 45 x 60 cm)
  • Lockers 7-14 (40 x 45 x 90 cm)

*Customers are advised to not force luggage into the locker.

If you have any further queries in relation to Galway Coach Station, do not hesitate to contact City Park. Their details are as follows:

City Park

Fairgreen Road, Galway City
Phone: +353 (0) 91 895 874
E-mail: [email protected]

Enjoy travelling with Citylink!