Citylink Feature in CX Ireland Top 10!

This year, Citylink are one of five new entrants to break into the CX Power Rankings in the 2018 CX Report based on Customer Experience.

The significance of their achievement can be underlined by finishing ahead of the ever popular Netflix & Lidl but to name a few.

So what have Citylink achieved?

Citylink have appeared in the Power Rankings for the first time but what exactly is it measured on. The report focuses primarily on six pillar movements when deciding what companies make the shortlist.

They are as follows:

-Time & Effort

It appears that there is a power shift at present from the pillars that focus on the ‘human touch’ moving more towards functional aspects of customers service as opposed to emotional aspects.

Citylink would pride itself on delivering customers with delivering the ‘human touch’ through empathy & personalisation.

How do Citylink perform in Ireland’s Top 10 League Table:

Citylink offer inter-city coach travel that serve the major towns & cities of Ireland. In addition, Citylink are delighted to deliver its customers a service that is efficient & reliable as well as assisting passengers as best possible. Customer service is of the utmost importance & with an excellent range of professional staff, Citylink always strive to assist the customer to the best of their ability.

In conclusion, Citylink are one of the strongest performers rising up 20 places to 6th in the Top 10 League Table 2018.

What 2019 hold for Citylink:

It is anticipated that industrial unrest within the transport sector will decline enabling the Travel Sector to improve on its Overall CX Score of -3.1% for 2018. If so, we predict the sector will remain static in 2019.