Fast Track Boarding at Dublin Airport

Now, you can thrive on priority Security with our customer-friendly Fast Track lane and enjoy even greater shopping savings in The Loop.

Fast Track eliminates any potential waiting time or delays and gets you through Security in less than 10 minutes. In other words, if you are under time pressure or simply want more time to shop, grab a bite to eat or relax before your flight, our Fast Track service enables you make the most of your airport travel time.

Book online and receive live flight updates to your mobile and now also enjoy an additional 10% Off in The Loop, which is on top of the existing great discounts already available at the airport. Giving you the perfect excuse to buy that bottle of spirits or indulge in a bottle of your favourite fragrance.

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Available in Terminals 1&2.

Fast Track access is priced between €5.95 – €7.99 and is dependent on date and time of travel.